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Hiroko teaches you as a portrait of three do not do three

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One, do artwork
        The premise of art is to know what is the United States, that is, the starting point of portrait photography, ask yourself what: the purpose of this shooting is what? What kind of atmosphere do I want to highlight? What kind of props does this atmosphere require? Composition should be how to configure the screen ... ... This step is to build the outline of the story, the work of the intention to convey. This is an indispensable step, the more stringent planning, the more rich the atmosphere of the photo, the more people can move the factors. Of course, the artist should also be adapted to local conditions, spend a large price structure props is not desirable, but within the ability to match the props, to control the scene, so that before the film has a few heart.
        Above the principle of indoor and outdoor general, in the street or the field to see a scene, can be old, can be desolate, advise you, write down!
        Stop pondering what should be used, how should shoot, first in the mind to form an outline. In the painting at the same time, but also in advance to the purpose of the film and model clothes to think about it. May wish to diffuse thinking, I was to take the vertical axis of the time point of a scene, or to make a horizontal axis of the area on it? When the two points coincide, the photo atmosphere is how? When all this gradually forming, the rest is art, that is, props structure, shooting elements listed.

Second, do the story
        With the scene with the age, one by one will automatically circled in the mind, the need to show the identity of the characters and status will depend on, at this moment, the characters are fresh, is a viable!
        In contrast to the market, people shouting good portrait photos are not the product of the scene blend, the story behind them also let the photographer praise.
        The story is not to let everyone to the archaeological, but to trigger the point of interest, simply imitate life is meaningless. Photographers should be close to the life of life life bit by bit, a qualified photographer is definitely a love of life full of people.
        The story can be contradictory, you can cry and laugh, sad and happy, it depends on the exchange between the photographer and the model, when a role between the photographer and the model brewing mature, resonate, believe me, this The success of the film is not far away.
        The story of the plot can be fashionable, it can be nostalgic, if we have been concerned about the works of HELMUT NEWTON, certainly deliberately arranged by the plot of the shock, photos in the story or single performance, or group performance, not only Is the interpretation of fashion, but by the size of the story of the macro chapter framed. Pulled the reader stopped, is no longer a short because of the curiosity of good things, but the unique atmosphere of the photo.

Third, do the director
        Flat Transient Shows are limited to a corner of the static screen, how to make the screen produce liquidity? As one of them At this point, photography is not as good as photography. But the static picture of the spread and dynamic picture is essentially different, do not have to be self-defeating, static picture inheritance is transient, even if the exposure of 2 hours, the way of expression, or a photo paper only. Transient photography can not be separated from the plane, so the photographer should focus on the study of the next plane aesthetics.
        If the people in the screen accounted for the largest area, the preferred triangle, the body structure of the POSS triangle determines the simple, many experienced photographers let the model put his legs slightly curved, his arms slightly curved posture, Conform to mechanics and aesthetic structure. In the fashion class shooting, this triangular pose can see a lot. As the most stable pose mode, photographers can seek flow in composition, such as bevel composition.
        Another principle is the proportion of the main part of the screen, in the outdoor shooting, the restrictions are less, more props, the model can be used in a variety of positions concealment, so that the model is just in the gold point is not difficult. But in the shed when shooting, models and outdoor shooting as casual will destroy the entire shooting, the photographer should remind the model, the body should occupy the largest area of the screen, in order to the best picture quality.
        Most of the shooting, a few taboos can not appear: the palm of your hand is best not to face the lens, elbow not to the front of the lens, the body is best not to become a straight line. For clothing with, and the environment must be coordinated, you can refer to the film characters clothing, some large in this point to do more than the photographer professional, creative staff will rack their brains with the scene custom clothing, even if it is simply imitate the film Stills, but also bring benefits to the photographer.
        In the shooting angle, it is also recommended that you imitate the film shooting techniques, climb to take a larger field of vision, squatting to take more space. Rocker no, you can stand on the ladder. This kind of shooting method will be more attractive than the simple shooting, so the model issued a directive, the need for photographers on the screen some estimates, shooting results will give you a surprise. A good perspective sometimes determines the success or failure of a photographic work.

        Perhaps we thought that before the film to do these three jobs is simply meaningless things, just need to take pictures clearly, making the customer satisfaction on the line, in fact, for the photographer, this is only the most initial requirements. The extension of the photo is more important, so that photographers do not have to rely on the time to glare, rely on is a few small steps. Is it justified to follow the above principles? To do, and to do more meticulous, if you want to show the status of the model life, it must communicate with the model, know her favorite, the most disgusting, simple chat can eliminate each other's barriers. In front of the camera, the model pressure is greater than the photographer, so the elimination of tension is necessary.

One, do not show
        Many works are models look directly at the lens, in the concept of reality, look directly at the lens of the most important eyes. These photos give the shock is unspeakable, the photo of the people through the eyes to convey the inner feelings, looking at a pair of eyes, the reader will often be shocked. This way of shooting in the shooting of human subjects often play a surprise effect, eyes or vicissitudes of life or confused or shy, I believe we have seen a lot of rural themes photos, but also seen some of the Hollywood stars personal photos, those eyes look directly In the conveyed is the character of the confession.
        This requires the photographer to control the atmosphere of the studio, to make the model down the burden of the inner real state through the limbs and eyes to convey.
        Photographers can not show, for the new words that worry about the practice is not desirable, for example, a 90's little girl, in the absence of understanding of the punk culture, the photographer forced a shape - the film's failure is yes , Not anyone agrees with the punk family, insisting that this visual effect will be counterproductive.
        Can not show another meaning is to understand the subject of their own shooting, can not pretend to understand, in front of the model lost face is small, shooting failure is more intolerable things.
        Restore the true, suitable for the performance of the model suitable for the role, which is by excavation, can not mechanically.

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