How to Get a Girl to Kiss You Whenever You Want

You’re about to discover how to get a girl to kiss you, so pay very close attention to the tips you’re going to find in this page.

Girls always tend to be reserved. This gets most boys confused as they are not sure of whether they will or will not succeed in getting a kiss from a girl they like.

Rarely do girls boldly initiate the first kiss, so it has to take some effort from your part as a man. A kiss is considered intimate and memorable by many girls. As such if a girl agrees to kissing, then it is a pointer you are headed somewhere.

How to Get a Girl to Kiss You

Tips to help you get a kiss from a girl you like

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Be friends with her

Friendship is the first step to getting anyone closer to you. Make her feel she is a special friend to you and devote most of your time to her. Always be there when she needs help or just someone to talk to. This way she will trust you and feel at ease whenever she is close to you.

Have some time alone, just the two of you

How To Get a Girl to Kiss You

Getting a girl to kiss you in public for the first time is an uphill task. Instead get a quiet secluded place where the two of you will have some privacy. Choose an activity that the two of you enjoy, then get the perfect location. Location matters a lot, because some places are just awkward for kissing.

For instance you might decide to watch a romantic movie together, or go out for dinner. Social places where people are having fun will make that kiss come faster. On the other hand more serious places like a library where people are studying, a kiss is the last thing any sensible girl would think of.

Compliment her as much as you can

Girls like it when you notice how outstanding they are. Words in themselves are powerful, so use that to your advantage. Tell her how beautiful she is and even describe her physical features. For instance telling her how nice her lips are will not offend her.

Send signals and watch her reactions

Do things that will help you know how much she likes you based on her reactions. In most cases a girl might like you but will be shy to make the first move. This is because girls loath the idea of being rejected by a man they like. For example you can give her a soothing touch on her hand and see how she responds to it.

If you are brave enough give her a light touch on the thighs when you are sitted close. If she does not put you off then she likes you and would want you to get much closer.

Create the right mood

A kiss will only come when the prevailing mood supports it. The mood should be exciting and filled with fun. Do not expect a girl to kiss when she is under pressure and trying to beat a deadline. Make her jovial and play around with her. Touching the palms of her hands and maintaining a charming eye contact will put her in the right mood.

Maintain good oral hygiene

how to get a girl to want to kiss you

You also have to be kissable. Poor oral hygiene puts off most girls however much they like you. When you have bad breath, the idea of kissing will never even be imaginable. So ensure you brush your teeth regularly, and have some mouth fresheners close.

You might have struggled so much to bring her close but any awful smell from your mouth will ruin everything.

Maintain eye contact whenever you talk to her

As you focus, make sure you  a lot. This might just signal her that you like her lips and admire looking at her. Most guys make the mistake of not focusing when talking to a girl they would love to kiss.

At times just by looking at her, she will feel there is something unique about her that interests you. It will also boost your confidence as a man.

Go get it

Do not be slow at reading her reactions. As a man make the first move and get that kiss from her. For example if she leans so close to an extent that you almost feel her lips, respond appropriately. Lean in too and kiss her gently, if she is calm then make it more intense.

Then the next step would be to take her to bed with you!


Now that you know how to get a kiss from a girl, you are wondering how simple it is. All you have to do is know what you want and do things the right way.

Also remember not to be nervous when she finally kisses you. Being relaxed will reassure her that she is doing the right thing.

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