How To Text Girls You Like

Here are the secrets on how to text girls you like. Read this page from beginning to end because you’re about to find out how to start texting a girl, how to flirt over text with a girl, things to text a girl and also how to take her in bed!

How To Text Girls

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There will be times when you will manage to get the phone number, but won’t know how to start a seductive conversation after a series of funny and friendly dates. Texting is definitely one of the best ways to communicate your feelings and intentions to girls. In fact, it is regarded as a safe way for guys who feel hesitant to talk to girls about their hidden desires.

If you’re already in talks with the girl you like, you must be looking for some kind of text messages that can have her feel charmed. Here are some tips of how to text girls. These tips will definitely help you seduce anyone you like.

Make the First Impression Right

how to text girls

If you really want to succeed with your seductive text messaging idea, then you need to make sure that you do not mess up in the very first go. First impression is the last impression. So, make sure you try to make a good impression on her with your very first text.

The trick is not to impress her with your personality, but with your words that might have different interpretation on the other end. So choose your words and phrases accordingly.

Come up With Unforgettable Works

There is a very good chance that she might delete your text message as soon as she’s done with reading. So, if you really want to create an impact, you must come out with text messages that can leave an everlasting impression on her. It should play in her mind like any favorite song and she should feel positive about it.

For instance: “Your giggling turns me on”. Now every time she’ll giggle, she will remember your message and giggle more.

Don’t Get Too Graphic

Of course, instant messaging services have evolved to a great extent with lots of added features. Even though emoticons are a must with every text to communicate the emotion behind the text rightfully, using too much of them can actually kill the mood.

If you are long time lovers, it is better to have a couple of graphics or emoticons that signify your seductive intentions. Otherwise, it is advised to play safe and let the dice roll on its own.

Do Tell Her She’s Hot

how to flirt over text with a girlStop being a cliché when praising her! Girls don’t’ like being called what guys usually use for other women too. Try different words for calling her hot or sexy.

Instead of praising her looks directly, it is best to have it in disguise. Let her know through your text that she is the woman who turns you on. The trick is to avoid naming the specific parts of her body. Talk about her irresistible appearance as a whole body.

For instance, tell her that the way she grabs a banana is very sexy. Or she turns you on when she shows up in her favorite pair of hot pants. Look for ways to tell her how her behavior and actions make her the woman you always wanted.

Plant a Seed

Let her know what you have in store for the next time you people meet. For instance; you might say that you are planning to take a hot shower bath with her in your apartment. Or tell her how you are hoping her to sneak out, so you can have an exciting night out together with lots of wild things.


 You may even choose to add some seducing details; such as you are imagining lathering up the most private parts of her body. You do not need to be too specific by naming those parts. Just leave it up to her to decide what places and when. She will find it sexy to imagine herself being pampered in the shower. This will act as a fuel for fire later on.

Follow these tips on how to text girls and seduce your girl for an interesting date later on. These tips ensure definite steps to success. But make sure you execute them step by step, and at the right time. Save such text messages for the time when you know she’s totally free and laying on her bed. It will make her read your text with more focus and interest. Keep experimenting with methods, until you find one that always seems to work.


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